Money Mindset Coaching

Money Mindset Coaching is a great way to boost your financial confidence, master money talk skills, and learn how to ask and get paid your worth. If you are like many of my clients you....

  • Work hard, accomplish a lot, but you still struggle to ask what you’re worth.
  • Are good with numbers and finance, but find conversations about money with loved ones tricky.
  • Know you need stronger negotiation skills to grow and increase profitability in your business.
  • Want to make peace with money, but despite your best efforts you haven’t been able to change your approach or build better habits that stick.

Something is standing in the way of you confidently managing and discussing money at home or work.  You CAN feel better. You just need to harness the power of your money mindset. 

I'd love to help! 

Want more details? Here you go: 

Money Mindset Coaching Package includes:

  • 6 individual coaching sessions, each 60-minutes in length, completed within 3 months
  • A copy of my workbook, Creating Wealth From the Inside and Out
  • 52 weeks of money talk tips delivered to your inbox
  • Introduction to financial professionals based on your needs   
  • Email contact in between sessions for added support 

The program structure is based on my extensive experience as a behavioral change coach. My goal is to help you change your attitude and shift your mindset to achieve your goals faster and feel more comfortable and confident with money.

  • Discovery Session: Introduction to money coaching includes identifying your specific goals for coaching. 
  • Money Assessment Session: Discover your primary money archetype and how it impacts your finances, career, and life. Discover how to harness the power of your archetype to achieve your goals. 
  • Money History Session: Explore your family money history and how it influences your saving, spending and investing behaviors as an adult. Learn techniques for rewriting your money story going forward. 
  • Money Mindset Session: Learn strategies to identify your thoughts and beliefs about money. The first step to change is bringing these attitudes to conscious awareness. This sets you up for the next phase, the mindset makeover.  
  • Mindset Makeover Sessions: Learn a method for changing the parts of your mindset that sabotage your peace of mind and financial health. Practice new ways of thinking and adopt new financial habits. 
  • Action Plan Session: Co-create a personalized action plan to reinforce key learning and keep the momentum going! May include recommendations for continued coaching and/or referrals to financial professionals.  

Your investment: $2,500 USD for 3-months of coaching 

Have more questions? Schedule a free 30-minute consultation here.  

No, I am ready. Then hit the "Sign Me Up" button and let's get going! 

3 Modules

Welcome Package

Welcome to Money Mindset Coaching!

I am excited to help you with your relationship with money. But first a little housekeeping. In this module, you will complete the necessary paperwork to begin our coaching relationship. 

Coaching Appointments

Link to schedule your next coaching appointment. 

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