Negotiating Your Fees with Confidence (Self-Study Course)

Learn the secret to negotiating with confidence.

Too many women focus on the mechanics of negotiating, and don’t appreciate how important their money story is to their financial success.

But let’s face it: negotiating your fees and getting paid what you’re worth is an emotional business.

Understanding your personal psychology around money is vital to earning your true worth.

Until you face your own beliefs about money, and learn how to shift your negotiation mindset, you’ll leave money on the table every time.

You CAN discover how to get your money beliefs working for you, and become a rockstar negotiator. Once you realize what’s really going on during negotiations, you’ll be able to avoid the all-too-common traps that keep women underearning. Understanding a few simple, surprising truths and principles about the psychology of negotiation can completely transform your earning power.

Trust me – it feels SO good to ask and get paid your true worth!

Get inside the mind of the rock star negotiator with this series of clear, insightful lessons based on my experience as a successful entrepreneur and wealth psychology coach. Follow my powerful process that helps you let go of fear, anxiety and uncertainty and start asking for the money you deserve.

Years of research, interviews, coaching and training has helped me identify how and why money beliefs get in our way and limit earning potential. Even with the best intentions, the savviest women will back down and end up earning less than they should. Unlike other negotiating courses, this class harnesses the power of your mind to help you dismantle limiting money beliefs and teach you how to negotiate with ease, strength, and confidence.

Learn how to let go of sabotaging beliefs so you can earn what you are truly worth.

This self-study course includes everything you need to break money silence and start negotiating more confidently. Video lessons, downloads and bonus trainings are all developed by award-winning wealth psychology expert, author & coach Kathleen Burns Kingsbury.

Let go of fear, anxiety, and uncertainty and start asking for and earning the salary you deserve.

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