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Hi. I am Kathleen Burns Kingsbury (you can call me “kbk”) - a wealth psychology expert, author, coach and podcast host. Thank you for checking out my online courses. 

I am excited to help you conquer your financial fears and let go of money shame so you can live a more financially confident life. 

Trust me. It feels good when you make peace with money and stop worrying about finances.

For years, I was an underearner and fearful of financial success. On the outside, I looked good, but inside I felt like an imposter. I wanted to make more money and grow my business, but something was holding me back. Turns out it was my money mindset.  

The good news is you can change your money story and take control of your future. And it helps if you have a little support along the way. 

Over the last 15 years I have traveled across the United States and Canada educating women, couples, and financial professionals on wealth psychology and how to talk more openly and honestly about money.  

The Breaking Money Silence® Learning Lab is my way of bringing these lessons to you. I encourage you to sign up for my free course to find out more about your money mindset and how to become a better negotiator. 

Sign up for my FREE course, How to Conquer Your Fear of Negotiating, to get access to both my free and paid resources. 

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Isn’t it time to earn what you are worth and have fun doing it? I think so. So, sign up today and let’s get started.


Available Products

Negotiating Your Fees with Confidence (Self-Study Course)

Too many women focus on the mechanics of negotiating, and don’t appreciate how important their money story is to their financial success.

Until you face your own beliefs about money, and learn how to shift your negotiation mindset, you’ll leave money on the table every time.

Learn how you can change your money beliefs and become a rockstar negotiator.

Money Mindset Coaching

Is something keeping you from becoming financially secure and successful? Do you want to feel more at peace with money, practice better money habits, and be able to be paid what you're worth? Do you prefer to work individually and not in a group? If you answered yes, then this package is for you. 

Money Mindset Coaching is a structured one-on-one coaching program to shift unhealthy attitudes and habits, build confidences, improve communication skills, and increase your earnings. 

Breaking Money Silence® on Negotiating - FREE MODULE

Are you tired of feeling anxious when negotiating your salary or fees? Discover how your money history and mindset impact your profitability and learn tools to conquer fears about negotiating, fee setting, and asking others for money. All at no cost to you!

It's Time to Get Paid!

Many business owners focus on delivering their products and services, but fail to set up a system to makes sure they get paid on time every month.

Until you examine your money story and put financial policies and procedures in place in your business, you will continue to have lose money unnecessarily.

Discover how to protect your business by getting contracts in writing and developing simple, yet effective payment and collection policies. 

This course includes templates and everything you need to get started! 

Negotiating Your Fees with Confidence - Master Class

Until you face your own beliefs about money, and learn how to shift your negotiation mindset, you’ll leave money on the table every time. 

Get inside the mind of the rock star negotiator with this series of clear, insightful lessons based on my experience as a successful entrepreneur and wealth psychology coach. Follow my powerful process that helps you let go of fear, anxiety and uncertainty and start asking for the money you deserve.

New master class starting June 6, 2022.  You don't want to miss out! 

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